Stupid is as stupid does – Forrest Gump

OK so here I am. Back after ages ! It feels that way even though it hasn’t been quite that long (Theory of relativity anyone?). Either way does it really matter? It’s just enough that I’m back. So the question is what I have been doing with my time? I have two lovely excuses- one, I was ill. Two, I was depressed because of it, which, literally made me unfit of even thinking coherently. Though that’s stretching it a bit (I am not known as a drama queen without reason but that’s also where I get my sensitivity from and also microanalysing stuff!) it’s the honest truth. I can hear my friends scream psychosomatic disorder because of the things going on in the department which I admit was a blow to my self esteem and ego. It doesn’t help one bit when one feels useless on top being close to being an invalid(that’s an exaggeration). There’s no use talking about dignity, not now at least. One thing I do have is a clear conscience. Ergo, sleeping isn’t a problem , which is a relief.

I have been ill for quite a while now. Should I say I am on the path to recovery? Hell no, I don’t want to jinx myself. Oh laugh all you can. I never believed that either but the words have a strange way of getting right back at you, so in this fragile state I am not going to risk it. Although I’m no stranger to chronic illnesses one never does get quite used to it, the tragedy and the monotony of it.  I really wish I could put “it” at the back of my mind (like it’s nothing but a walk in the park with some lovely shoes on to protect my feet) and live unchanged, unscathed by battle scars so timidly fought. I so wish I had been gallant but don’t expect knightly behaviour from me, not when I am at my lowest ebb (really lousy explanation I know). Every little thing changes you and shapes you into being who you are and the process is never-ending and compelling and directional. You learn, you live and you grow and that’s that.

 Illness compels me to think more deeply than usual and I tend to get philosophical (more than the usual craziness). All the big questions start haunting(or is it hunting) me (since I can’t employ my usual devices and run away) and I almost suffocate with the need to answer them. This time it’s time, the final time to GROW UP. There won’t be another call. Either I’m on it fully or dangling off the edges, holding on for dear life or the plane leaves without me. Childhood has long passed and so have the teenage years. And I’m about to be done with university and step into the REAL WORLD (as people keep reminding me every single day). Gee am I that dumb and naïve? Seems that is what most people think( I wish I could care a flying fig about what they thought about me). Yes I’m stupid (at least the blog title is justified now).

What are the questions ,you ask? Nothing, just basic stuff.How far have I come? What have I achieved? What is my contribution to the world? Am I good at something?  What is the meaning of my life? What is my role? What does it all mean? Where does it all lead ,if it leads anywhere in the first place?  What is the connecting link? Is this supposed to make sense in the end, all the strings tied up neatly and knots removed?
I did try to write but who the hell wants to read all this, a mass of jumbled intangible thoughts? Hence, no post for months and add to that I have taken to meandering more than is usual (read acceptable). I start somewhere and end up completely different and in between touch some points which become the fodder of many other independent posts (or so I would like to believe so please humour me). So in the end there’s a lot of mish- mash and I end up not that satisfied with “the treatment of the matter and the way it is presented” and so it stays ( read languishes )in the drafts folder and pending till I decide it should be worked upon so that it sees the light of the day, which it seldom does.
Doesn’t make any sense, does it?
P.S. The drafts folder is overflowing so I have taken up the gargantuan and arduous task of emptying it in this life time. Alas, readers bear with me.
P.P.S.- If you don’t already know, the quote “stupid is as stupid does” is from Forrest Gump.

Of semester exams and other disasters

Today my first ever semester exam came to an end and I feel as if I have recovered from a serious traumatic experience. How is that for optimism, eh?Now that it’s done with I feel alive again (as opposed to the past week where I was feeling like I had been lugging around a ton of data in my head and feeling as nice as a dead corpse in a coffin buried under a ton of earth).
You get the picture-walking, talking manic zombie. Telling people off  just for living their lives when mine has stopped and literally revolved around course books. Looking umpteen times at the clock and wondering if  someone has bewitched the clock to go twice as fast. Then realizing that it’s not Harry’s world and forcefully admitting to myself that indeed is real time that’s passing or rather ticking by. Panicking that today is  another day wasted,day dreaming(now that’s my favourite past time) and fantasizing about the ending of examinations when I will be able to watch television, read books and watch movies till my eyes hurt. 

I never realized how good I had it in college with annual exams at the end of the session which meant college life was a breeze compared to post graduation.Of course the work is supposed to be hectic and heavy,but still…

I like the idea of studying leisurely, ruminating on concepts, clearing topics to the best of my ability, researching and living with it for a considerable amount of time. And then only  can I sit down to write an essay. And for most part I don’t get around to the writing bit at all and it makes me look like a bit of a loser when exam seasons begin.

In the wake of exams I didn’t even realize how the new year came and went. It’s biting cold and it’s January. It should be the time to laze around, snuggle with a blanket and read books in the warmth of the winter sun.A movie or two a day shouldn’t cause any harm too. There ought to be time for day dreaming and time for scribbling away in journals too(which amazingly enough  I always find time for even though I might be fanatically busy).

But alas no time for a holiday now,just take a breather and move on.It’s time to pull up my socks because  the next semester beckons.

And a belated happy new year to everyone !