A Suitable Boy

I found Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy at the back of my cupboard after searching for it in all the usual places. It was a trial getting it out but I did it without damaging anything. Aired and dusted I’m ready for his words to shine a warmth this dreary winter. I bought the book, rather my father found this lovely copy for me in bookshop in Bombay nearly a decade ago when a friend rated it highly on Goodreads. This is my second attempt at completing the book but third attempt finishing the book. I already know what will happen having read the relationship parts staying up one wintry night to find the answer to the million dollar question – who will Lata marry? If you don’t know what I’m talking about then you probably weren’t born in the last three decades. And you have been living under a rock (the size of Antarctica?) because it is being adapted for screen and it was everywhere on social media. I know it is abominable and I usually don’t spoil books like that. I was unwell then and couldn’t sit much so reading it in its entirety (the longest novel ever!) was out of question. Ergo, I found a way to get to the end without breaking my back and straining my wrists. Now I have decided I won’t be taking a risk. I will be reading it on the table, sitting on the chair near the window with sun on my face, if I’m lucky. Winter will be infused with the warmth of his words. If you have seen the book you will know what I mean and mine is a first edition, a hardbound copy with golden pages which is older than me.