The Mentalist to the rescue

What are the odds of me peeling an orange at the exact time as Simon Baker is peeling one in The Mentalist? It’s a pity I have never broken off an orange or for that matter an apple from a branch and eaten it (another one for my bucket list). You can call it a coincidence but looking at it as a matter of chance takes the magic out of life and makes the words serendipity or happenstance (if you prefer) redundant. I understand that sometimes you have to let go of fanciful notions and think practically. What. I didn’t get to be three decades old without knowing something about how the world functions.

It wouldn’t do to complicate life by overthinking I have realized. (Turtles All The Way Down was a great help in this regard, thank you John Green). As a bookish reflective sort I have a tendency to brood and try to figure things out (read stew in it) when it should be left to life to sort out the mess.

And here I see Patrick enjoying an orange plucked straight from the tree after knowing something terrible. Don’t dismiss it by saying it’s fiction. There are people who feel deeply but don’t shed tears. I knew such a person. They internalize their grief and hide their disappointments from the world. They deal with it on their own.

There’s always a reason to smile and many reasons to live for, that is if you look at life the glass half full way (sometimes it pays to be an optimist) and not in the pessimistic glass half empty manner. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Spoiler alert for The Mentalist.

I was thinking about the partnership of Teresa and Patrick (okay Lisbon and Jane). If someone already annoys you so much should you be in a relationship with them? Then will the bickering stop because the sexual tension will be resolved or will it get worse because everything is more heightened (BONES on Fox I’m looking at you!)? And what if there’s no sexual tension to speak of? They are as different as chalk and cheese and yet they cannot let go of each other. I suspect that makes for good television, the will-they or won’t-they trope. In real life it would be maddening. Who needs more drama. Life is far too dramatic on its own. Yes I’m old, and I like happy endings. What does that make me? A sappy adult. Well there’s goes the mask that I wear. Don’t tell anyone. It’s our little secret.

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