No Deadline for Love? Really?


No Deadline for Love by Manasi Vaidya is funny. It provided me with laughs galore on a cold winter day when nothing seemed to go right. I loved the hot tempered Megha. I like real protagonists with frizzy hair, who are not in a hurry to straighten it, and issues with controlling their temper. As real as they come. I would have rated it higher if advertising jargon didn’t have me glossing over some lines.

I found my copy in the bookfair and it appears to have been autographed! I wouldn’t be caught dead with a book whose cover is bright pink but with No Deadline for Love I got more than my money’s worth and I’m finding my way back to pink. I do hope that she writes more books. I don’t know if laughter is the best medicine but it sure is the greatest distraction. Nothing like sarcasm to keep pain at bay.

Now coming to the point, turns out in the Indian context there is a deadline. Not necessarily for love (because in their book only arranged marriages exist!) but definitely for marriage. People take your pictures when you’re eating in a canteen. Neighbours ask you when is the feast. In my opinion, it is quite presumptous of them to think that they are going to be invited. It might just be a court wedding and a small reception. If you don’t get hitched before 30 you turn into a pumpkin! Of course the last part people don’t add but that is what I am hearing. Apparently, the glow of the skin fades – said to me by a cab driver when he found out my age. He even insulted my parents for keeping me unmarried. You know what’s funny – he couldn’t figure out my age and had to ask me and then the spiel was neverending till I reached home. Well I was in a good mood so I humoured him and wrote him off as a village idiot. But turns out he was an idiot with principles. He returned my phone which I had left in the cab in a hurry to get away from him.

I don’t want to have biological children so there’s no hurry. Uttering that is sacrilege because woman thy name is maternal instinct, which I have but for others kids, just not mine. I don’t want to bring another human into this mess and pass on my lousy genes. Settle down is the refrain. I didn’t know I was dust. Why is being untethered so bad for everyone except the people who are untethered? They are jealous, I tell you. Marry. Even if you don’t have a clear idea where your life is going. Marry. Even if you don’t have a job. (Jobs aren’t important more so for women because there is no gender equality and you will be paid peanuts. Didn’t you get the memo?) Marry. Even if you haven’t found yourself. (What is that even? You can “find” yourself with a partner breathing down your neck.)

The noise will only increase and I am ready to turn a deaf ear in 2019 because I will be busy finding myself. Ta.

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