Book review – Chaos Theory by Anuvab Pal

A love story by any another name is still a love story, especially one masquerading as friendship. Don’t believe me? Read Anuvab Pal’s Chaos Theory, and if you come away thinking they didn’t love each other, I promise I will refund your money for the book (if that isn’t possible you can throw the book at me). Mukesh and Sunita meet each other in college and they stick together through decades but not in the way you’d imagine.

They hover around each other all their lives and mind you, this was an era before the internet, and cellphones became commonplace, when keeping in touch was much harder and people actually wrote letters and made phone calls. What bound them together all their life, through different continents and their respective families? To find out read the book or watch the play. Didn’t I mention? It was originally a play which was later adapted into a novel by Pal himself. I am dying to see the play and hope they revive it so I can see it in this lifetime.

Head here to read the review of the book.

Spoilers ahead!

I don’t want to give the plot away but I was really disappointed in Mukesh – he can’t own up to the feelings related to the one person he loved? In his own way, he more or less spent the rest of his life with her. I wondered if he was a coward or just noncommittal. And Sunita what held her back, fear of rejection or losing the friendship? Why didn’t she tell it like it is since it has been established that Mukesh is a commitment phobe (before the term was even invented?) and a moron to boot, who would run away from his feelings in the opposite direction when confronted with them, and win a marathon with the speed he ran. The rant aside, I do know why it (nearly) held Sunita back and what was at stake. Though Mukesh reminds me of someone I know very well, to understand him completely, I would have to read the book again.

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