Of (fr)enemies and friends

Does anyone need friends? I never thought I would be standing here on our beautiful blue Planet (soon to be rendered uninhabitable) asking this question. If someone asked me this some years back, I would have looked at them as if they had sprouted two horns. Once upon a time I would have done anything for my friends. What changed? What if I say I don’t need any friends? Not because friendship as a relationship is dead. Maybe my standards are too high (I was  afraid that I have set them too low for the fear of disappointing myself) or I’m too idealistic (no surprise there). But really, is it just a plain give and take a la barter system?
Recently while talking to a friend, she said friendship is an emotional investment we make and why should we continue to make that investment when there is no return? That stopped me in my tracks (not literally because I was sitting on the bed). I was stunned into silence (that is no mean feat). Does everything have to have a tangible return? How did everything get equated in terms of returns? Barter system. Give and take. Take and give. I heard myself replying that it’s okay if there’s no return as long as there’s nothing negative, and that’s where I draw the line. Yeah, right. Being burnt to cinders, I mean. Another friend while answering a poll question, when asked what do you need friends for, ticked the option using them. She was honest enough to admit that it came automatically to her. I had no comeback for that. Being friends with people for the sake of using them is despicable. But then what do I know about the world.

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light- Helen Keller

What if it’s a frenemy? You will probably end up in a hospital with a memory loss in that case!

There are categories – acquaintances, friends, enemies and frenemies. I have never understood the need for the last category. I’d love to have enemies (not in a sadistic way but in a way that says we are equal in our hate and dislike) but it’s frenemies I can’t stand. Yes I know who you are, you are fooling no one. You want to act like you are my friend then start taking acting classes! You criticize and hate a person but keep a person close only so you know what they are up to, so you can sabotage or disparage them behind their backs, yet acting like you have their best interests at heart. That is pretty low, like viruses who use their hosts for replicating and in return, destroy them. Win-Win. Give me an honest rascal any day, who has the guts to say what he/she feels to my face, rather than a “friend” who wouldn’t think twice before doing an “Et tu, Brute”, and is just waiting for the perfect time to strike.

I don’t need friends. I want friends, always have, to share my uninteresting life with (happy now). I have no place for frenemies in my life and neither the time or inclination to indulge in acting. Enemies, of course, are always welcome. A worthy adversary is worth one’s weight in gold. Or so I am told.

7 thoughts on “Of (fr)enemies and friends

  1. Wow! This is written well enough to be an exercise in reading itself as a part of any writing course. Sarcasm pulled off very well.


  2. Thanks 😀 It means a lot coming from you who knows what she's talking about(sarcasm). About the other part that's a bit too much to accept with a straight face but thanks for the compliment.


  3. Arre, even Guddu supports me in this. He also read it and said its really well written and you should continue with more such posts.
    As for sarcasm, you who know only too well that half the world doesn't always get it, I can tell you I got it, in reading, and you got it, in writing. And pretty damn well.
    Might I add, I could actually while reading, animate some parts in my mind and take guesses regarding the dialogues.. 😉
    Thanks to Sweta (she told me about this one, I keep missing the updates on my older email id), I had a lovely read and a hearty laugh yesterday. Keep it up!


  4. Oh that's really nice of him. Thank Guddu for me 🙂 I know exactly what you mean. I knew you would get it and so glad you guys had a good laugh.
    I take a bow then and I would like to thank the TV. Watching sitcom after sitcom had some hidden benefits after all.
    I can imagine that .You have heard me rant plenty of times 😛
    Aha so it was Sweta then who saw it. Lovely to see you guys here after a long time 🙂 It's just like old times except for the growing up part!


  5. Yes, Sweta always keeps herself up to date with everything that she can. I rarely open anything other than those sites I desperately need to read news from on daily basis!
    Well, its nice to be able to laugh, even if fleetingly. You should take a bow, for a job well done.


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