Hello blog people 🙂
Uh umm I know it’s not very apt or polite. I dare say me even giving this a second thought, it’s her influence!!!! Otherwise who cares to be grammatically correct and use just the correct word for every little situation, duh not me! Anyway what else should I address you guys as??? And should it even be plural?
And who is this you ask? Pssst. It’s me her super cool sister 😀 She has mentioned me quite a few times, so y’all should be familiar with me, I suppose (looks around expectantly for applause). Let’s get on with it, shall we…
An obvious observation-I dare say nobody reads her precious blog, why else would it wear such a desolate look, eh? But the background is blue and its sparse and without frills. It’s her alright.
Now to the topic. I can’t believe its Tuesday already. I can break out into a song and dance routine right now(totally spontaneous and unrehearsed but fab all the same =)). But I’d better not lest the fat cat wake up and raise hell!! Lately I have taken to calling her troll and it irritates the shit out of her. Nowadays she’s being called MANTAL Boy (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara anyone?). Evil laugh!!!
Three more days  till Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part-2 releases in cinemas. I can barely contain myself. No point in asking me if I’m a die hard HP fan cos there’s no doubt about that I.AM.NOT.A FAN. But I don’t hate the books, they were good but nothing life changing. Maybe it might have been different for me if I had read it the way my sister did and not in the span of a couple of weeks. I just read it because all the guys in my class had read it (peer pressure I tell you, makes you do the strangest things) and the books were already there, courtesy my sister.

I just had to beg, borrow and convince her to part with her precious books. She was very suspicious at my sudden “interest” in HP and kept a close watch on me. She still thinks that I buy her “Oh I came to see which page you are at? Isn’t it exciting? Did you notice how … ” And there she goes again, launching into an impossibly detailed and verbose explanation (without even being asked), speaking faster if it’s even humanly possible (she’s the fastest talker I know) and ending at a obvious point (according to her not me) which my  puny brain couldn’t possibly comprehend even if she had told it slowly and in a normal voice as opposed to the shrill voice she shoots off in, eyes glinting with pleasure and something otherworldly.
She’s already gone mad. She spent all Sunday practically on Mugglenet and YouTube, reading up and listening to all the buzz, and watching interviews and the premiere with headphones on!!!!! I won’t even go near obsessive reading of Fanfiction and other crazy stuff!
When I had been consoling myself that all the madness will be over with when the final movie is out, J.K. Rowling had to go and bring out POTTERMORE (believe me I have heard enough). Now its like HP forever. She’s in 7th heaven and I’m plotting my escape by immersing myself in law. Yep, you heard right. I’m going to go to Law School!!! What can I say, desperate times call for weird solutions! Mama and Papa really indulge her (which obviously I don’t approve of ) and practically coo at her, oh she’s so adorable, their darling daughter, reading so many books that she forgets that there exists a world outside of it (where’s there’s no magic but beauty still abounds) and living in a fantasy dream world which runs according to her rules and diktats. Where magic is a reality!!! And whenever she’s in the so called real world, something inevitably goes wrong and she goes flying back into the escape the world of Potter offers from the grim reality she can’t stomach.
Gimme a break!! Grow up kiddo and grow your own wings to fly.
Earth to sis, the real world is waiting with arms wide open to envelope you in a bone-crushing hug. You have to give it a chance…

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