A picture really is worth a thousand words !


What you see above are a few of the paintings which I stumbled upon while browsing here on the world wide web(wanted to use the full form,some how it makes it sound a bit grander),while specifically looking for paintings,photographs or wall papers associated with a specific emotion,feeling or thought.I usually do this kind of thing often.For me it serves a dual purpose-studying art and interpreting it as there aren’t many art galleries where I live nor are regular art exhibitions organized here.
I try my best to interpret the painting and think in the artist’s line of thought.What was going on in his/her brain when his/her hand made fluid brush strokes on the canvas?What emotion does he/she want to convey by his art?It is kind of like going back in time and imagining the scenario when the painting was born.It is fun(at least for me) trying to guess at both its inception and conception.
What do you think the above paintings convey?



2 thoughts on “A picture really is worth a thousand words !

  1. dear hope,
    this coment may not be as good as the one originally written and which didn't get posted due to some error i do not know about and yet plz know essentially my views r the same.
    it may not be very easy or entirely possible, to decipher the inception or conception(what was going on in the artist's mind). but the execution or i.e.pattern of usuage of colours suggests it ws a very happy mind which painted it,or atleast a very active mind since the diverse hues which are so wholly in contrast and the manner in which they have been used bring the painting to life,as if it impacts u intsantly and that can never be the product of a dull or gloomy mind.
    in short,whoever painted it and whenever painted it,was really really happy or angry or atleast in full josh.


  2. Hi Anuja
    Very eloquently put as usual.Thanks for sharing your views.Thanks for not getting bogged down by petty/monumental failures.
    You forgot another option.Maybe he or she just really loved colours(vibrant) and wasn't the understated kind(overtly bubbly if you ask me).


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