A Beginning

Finally I started my blog after many hiccoughs and minor mishaps and of course coaxing (read threatening of dire consequences)by my friends who had gotten tired of hearing me say that I wanted to break out of my self imposed hibernation,of my boring monotonous life and dazzle the world with my literary prowess(something tells me that will be a while maybe after a few life times or so).
I have to start somewhere and nothing life altering( because I’m no risk taker and like to play it safe) or mind bending or earth shattering for me .So here I’m at a humble beginning,just trying to translate my thoughts onto e-paper and share it people from all walks of life(if they are interested that is).You can say its been in the pipeline for long but somehow it kept getting delayed due to my laziness(read procrastination) and stupid privacy issues(my sister honestly believes that with my mindset and ideals I would have been a better fit if I had been born in 70’s)
Here I will talk about anything that strikes my fancy,anything I’m passionate about and anything I care for. That sums it up I guess.
Since its John Lennon’s birthday today and its also one of my favourite quotable quotes by him, I’m ending my first post with it.
“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will live as one.”


6 thoughts on “A Beginning

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am sorry I have comment-moderation set up on my blog since I have gotten a lot of spam in the past. I see you tried to post comments multiple times, sorry about that.
    I must say that you write quite well. You should definitely continue writing. It can be quite exhilirating.
    By the way, it may not seem so now, but people born in the 70s are not that different from people born in your decade ! 🙂


  2. Thank you for doing the same for me. Its fine, I perfectly understand.
    Thanks for the compliment and the encouragement.
    Yes it’s good to break free from all the boundaries (of the real world) and experience and revel in what I call the “fourth dimension”(nothing to do with physics, I’m afraid).Writing is the best way for me to express myself.In my sister's lingo it would be something like this-writing is just the way she unwinds and chills.Pretty boring if you ask me.(I can almost hear her voicing those very words) 🙂
    You should say that to my sister who believes that you have to behave in a certain manner and have a certain mindset to belong to Generation X or Y or whatever the newest generation is called.That 70s line is used by her to describe my so called antiquated behaviour, ideals and activities to her friends and comment on my pitiable and joy less life which is devoid of all fun (I still cant understand how can having fun be so restricted?).Once or twice I have even overheard(without quite meaning to) her saying that even though the gap between us is only a few years she feels as if the gap is a few decades.Of course its just her interpretation of we not seeing eye to eye(basically wildly disagreeing) on most things in life.
    I don't believe you have to be born in a particular decade or generation to have that particular brand of thinking or set of rules or whatever.
    The surrounding may shape you but there are many many things you passively absorb which is ultimately reflected in your personality. You are your own person no matter what and life’s experiences keep changing you and moulding you into a different you continuously but the essence remains the same.
    That’s just my view(which my sister will wholly disagree with). 😛


  3. my dear hope,
    its time i guess to start seeming more and more like your own name here.
    that is to say its time enough you stopped being a walking talking oxymoron though i know no amount of me preaching can change you from being a moron(and so am i as i'm ur friend)..so plz can we have a more hopeful photograph of a tree with more leaves or new green leaves just growing?


  4. And hello to you too.
    Do you think I like being a bundle of contradictions?Its not my choice I'm like this.I can offer only this as my justification-I'm what I'm.
    I admit its not hopeful if viewed in a general sense but if you look at it my way it is indeed filled with hope.It has a kind of austere beauty to it which I really love.
    Of course you can demand to have a new “dp”(=display pic,as my sis says).So here you go…


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